Project "THE THIN LINE" was shown on Kandinsky Prize Exhibition



The project is an attempt to study the fine line between such opposite concepts as realism and abstraction, life and death, the virtual and the real, paradise and hell.

In contemporary art the differentiation of technique, in which the work has been executed, into “contemporary” or “not contemporary” is no longer a topical question, the only important thing is what you want to say, therefore the project was executed in the most traditional technique, pencil on paper.

That’s where the project’s title is from.

These are figurative images which, like in a kaleidoscope, are put together into an abstract composition. This is the common thread running throughout the whole project, onto which is strung separate works, in each of which its own specific task is solved. The main task is to change the customary point of view on an object or a phenomenon, and in so doing draw the viewer into the process of analysis and provoke his desire to think.