The freedom of the young Ukrainian artist KAMU (Kamennoy Taras) is (in the moment) bordered by 1 square kilometer of the army’s location, because he is doing his compulsory military service in the Ukraine army. But this situation does not prevent him from going through these borders, even if he does it only in a virtual way.
The main hero of this project is traveling through countries, ?poques, pages of the art’s history, seeing new senses and working together with the masters of classic art, trying to understand the deepness of their pieces. He is creating a new, pseudo-army folklore, laughing at the sins of today’s society.
The small part of the big project, which contains more than 200 illustrations, is shown here.

Album of a demobilized soldier

The album of a demobilized soldier is - in the subculture of the soldiers who are serving in the army - a special designed album with photos, handwritten texts, documents and other material about the normal day of a soldier.
This album is much more than just an album with photos.
This album is a kind of a book – made in just one single version, for the author himself. It contains biographic details that show a part of a soldier’s life, which is unique in its kind. The album of a demobilized soldier is the most radical way of creating a book for the author only. In it is, in the same time the naive rudeness and simplicity of a young man, his ingeniousness and the wish to make a book about himself. This album is full of curios elements of art – painting, graphics, photos, collage and often even stampings.

In its psychological, social and creative, structure, the album of a demobilized soldier is not something usual. Normally it is made by dilettantes, amateurs or the owners themselves, trying to copy professional artists or writers. Collecting in just one book paintings, gravures, postcards, photos, documents, notices of their colleges they try to put all this in some kind of order and give it a, only in the army present, sense.

Normally this album is designed by the author himself or by his colleges (if he asks them to help), who are interested in art. There are many ways and methods to design this kind of album. They depend on the part of army, the soldier is serving in, on the tradition of the location – but there are some general rules: the album of a demobilized soldier has to be bright, varicolored, eye-catching and confounding the viewers imagination

Cultural content
By design, the demobilized soldier album, is comprehensive,  biographical, historic- artistic essay. The key content - are the pictures that expose personal memory of the inherent. Depending on the date of the compilation the album demonstrates disposition of society, more specifically, a particular socio-chronological segment projected to army sub-culture.
Demobilized album can be categorized as hand-made book; by its nature and purpose the album is the most original type of ’’samizdat’’- book album, created by the artist with his own imprints about the major stage of his life. Demobilized album is exclusively author’s production, autobiographical and therefore unique.

(From Wikipedia)