PROJECT "God! What am I doing here?" Kamennoy Sergey & Olga  

In our Time, the  Age of total information, it becomes more difficult to feel the thin line between the Truth and the Lie, the real and the virtual, the original and the copy.

Constant flickering of all kinds of visuals: advertisements, cinema and news images, fragments of exhibitions and albums – all of this leads us to notice it with our rear view, fuzzy, like a video freeze frame.  So we do not even have time to identify it as true or false and we take it as something banal, routine – something not worth our attention.

We more often see reproductions of art than its originals in museums.
Even Avant-garde with the “Black square” itself has become a common thing because of over replication.
It often happens that for commercial reasons they change the background, loose the details of an Art object to make it look effective on posters or postcards. There is a progressive equalization between pop-culture and Avant-garde, the real Art, happening right before our eyes.

In spite of this, there is an uncompromising battle between them. And, because every war leads to mutual annihilation, the heroes of the Project disappear in the black space of nothing, totally fading, dividing into pixels.
The composition is cut up by stripes, which at the same time remind us of tracer bullet tracks or telegraph tapes on which there is a hard to spot sentence “God, what am I doing here?” that is translated in to different languages.
It is the question, which the heroes ask themselves, doubting reasonability of what is happening.